Pablo Amira – Mental Rubik

1. Rubik Opener: A fantastic routine from my professionalrepertoire, with audience interaction and a prediction to startyour act in a credible and powerful way.
2. Thought-of-Color: Your participant THINKS in one of thecolors, then you can solve that thought-of-color using ablindfold!. No billets, no preshow.
3. Rubik Choice: A modern test of clairvoyance. Yourparticipant selects a color from “color cards” in a “double bind”manner, and you are still able to reveal the unknown colorusing the cube! A hands-off colored miracle that adds visualelements to your act.Preferred Method and Extra Ideas.
4. Triple Rubikction: A fun triple prediction using your Rubik’scube in a new and simple manner. No gimmicks, no secretwriting!5. Modern Aura: A new and fun reading system using anyungimmicked Rubik’s Cube6. TOR: Three participants onstage, thinking in a color.You can READ THEIR MIND. No electronics, no peeks.

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