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What will he teach?

Brook Test
An any word ‘book test’ with the added twist that the book is genuinely borrowed.
Pen Game
A simple game with a ball-point pen demonstrates that maybe not all of your choices are as free as you might think.

A drawing duplication with a twist: the participant thinks of a random word and you can tell them.
Dog-Eared Switch
A way to switch out a prediction right under their nose.
Locked In Thought
A completely normal lock is inspected and held by the participant. The participant inputs a new combination and the performer is able to divine the number.
Two people think of a number, a random number, and write it down, both numbers match!
One in the Hand
The performer holds out his closed fist. The participant is asked to name any coin and imagine a red letter ‘X’ on one side. The performer opens his hand to reveal that exact coin and a permanent marker red ‘X’ on the side called for. The coin can be kept by the participant.

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