Paul Vigil & Tcc – Phantom Pin



The magician invites a spectator to put a large safety pin into a handkerchief and fasten it.

Then, the magician tears the handkerchief and removes the pin. When everyone thinks that the handkerchief cannot be restored, the magician gives a magical gesture and unfolds the handkerchief.

It is intact, restored to perfect condition!
The magician then lets the spectator buckle the pin in one of the corners of the handkerchief and points to any position on the edge.

The magician pulls the pin to the position specified by the spectator. The pin moves like a ghost on the handkerchief and finally stops at the position pointed to by the audience member. The handkerchief that was ripped by the pin is still intact.

  • Classic magic;
  • Everyday and easy to carry;
  • No advanced preparation needed; perform it at any time;
  • Handkerchief design is beautifully vintage;
  • Examinable both before and after the performance;
  • Suitable for close-up and parlor;
  • Perform surrounded.
  • Handkerchief size: 43 x 43cm
  • Pin size: 7.5 x 1.3cm
  • Material: Pure cotton

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