Pocket Spike Illusion by Gabbo Torres

Some say the concept of illusions is the core spirit of magic. The wisdom of illusion effect not only fools the eyes but also fools the mind.

Traditionally, illusionists perform with cleverly built mega-size props on stage; girls splitting in half, spikes piercing through a human body, and girls appearing out of nowhere, the classic illusions have stood the test of time.

Audiences love the visual, more so, the process of witnessing the impossible that defies their sense of reality built upon experience learned over their lifetime.

Our friend Gabbos Torres from Puerto Rico has brought new light on a classic illusion from the stage to everyday living room situations.

With just a mobile phone, pencil, and a paper bag, you can entertain a room full of people with the classic spike illusion.

Itโ€™s completely angle proof and absolutely mind-boggling. A piece of knowledge any miracle worker will be able to master and perform in no time.

Pocket Spike Illusion, an illusion you donโ€™t need a stage to perform. Get it now, worldwide.

Pocket Spike Illusion by Gabbo Torres

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