Premise & Premonition by Luke Jermay

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Luke Jermay is widely recognized as one of the most prolific and respected mentalists of our time. A true auteur, his style of mindreading has affected the way many performers view their craft. In this set we see Luke performing a wide range of material from practical cabaret mentalism to miracle-level close-up card magic. Perhaps most exciting, Luke also performs and explains a full twenty-minute hypnosis demonstration.

* Fifteen reputation-making routines direct from Luke’s repertoire.
* A full DVD (including two performances) on Luke’s headline prediction: the perfect publicity stunt.
* Learn Luke’s no-hypnosis hypnotism act and a full Q & A style show with absolutely no preshow or stooges.

One thought on “Premise & Premonition by Luke Jermay”

  1. Looks like file not found on all 4 links. Love the site though, thank you for giving us all this great material!

    You have 2 things that I have been trying to find online for MONTHS to download! Much appreciated!

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