Pure Cards Across by Mark Leveridge

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Two sets of 10 cards are counted out fairly and openly onto a spectator’s hand before being dropped into two glass tumblers where they can be clearly seen.

One at a time three cards are invisibly moved from one glass to the other, and when the piles are counted back onto the spectator’s hand again, the first glass only contains 7 cards and the other 13.

This is the classic cards across effect using a method that is completely move and sleight free. Everything happens at fingertips and there is no palming required, nor any special counts.

Designed for a close up or intimate parlour show, this routine is so open and fair looking that it seems impossible that three cards could migrate from one pile to the other. And yet they do!

This comes as a Premier E-Routine which is a downloadable pdf text file featuring detailed written instructions and which has a link in it to take you to additional online performance and explanation footage.

Pure Cards Across by Mark Leveridge


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