Quentin Reynolds’ 5 Minutes with a Pocket Handkerchief

Quentin Reynolds is a professional magician whose specialty is children’s shows. The routine taught on this DVD is the highlight of his show — a polished five minute act which is accomplished with nothing more than an ordinary pocket-handkerchief.

You are treated to a live performance in front of a classroom of children where Quentin brings the kids to a frenzy using this handkerchief routine and the many gags and touches which make it a masterpiece. Following the performance you are taught everything you need to know to perform the act.

The routine is a brisk and upbeat sequence of effects which begins with a stretching handkerchief, a series of knots and culimates with the animation of the Magic Mouse. It is adaptable for most performing situations such as stage, parlor, close-up, walk-around, kids, adults, yet it still fits in your pocket and is very easy to do.

Routines, sequences and gags explained:

  • The Magic Mouse
  • The Stretching Hank
  • The Jumping Hank
  • Karrell Fox’s Knifty-Knot
  • Karrell Fox’s No Not
  • Frank Garcia’s Iron Gag
  • Stewart Judah’s Watchwinder gag

Also includes tips from George Sands, Harry Blackstone, Sr., Dan Garrett, Martin Gardner, and tons of jokes, gags, tidbits, and advice which can only be learned from years of continuous performance. Includes a discussion on making the routine even stronger and much more.

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