Raffi Kazama & Shin Lim – Kadabra

“Welcome to KADABRA! By Raffi Kazama. Each piece is handcrafted to extreme precision. It takes Raffi about 2-3 days just to make one Kadabra gimmick, so this is in extremely limited quantity! This is an effect I performed on AGT, and in my opinion, the reason why I won. I think this is the best version of the distortion effect in all of playing card history! Get ready to hold a true miracle at your fingertips.” ~ Shin Lim Performing one of the best effect in magic EVER!! thanks to Raffi Kazama for this amazing gimmick, it does look like camera trick in real life! get yours now!! “trust me on this, it does look like REAL MAGIC!!!” ENJOY my performance of this amazing effect!!

Password : rlsmagic.com

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