Remastered Volume One – Billets by Emma Wooding

Remastered Volume One Billets by Emma Wooding

In this one hundred paged book, you will not only learn practical modern and classic billet techniques, but new routines that will change the way you see billets forever. This is a course for the beginner, intermediate and expert in mentalism. This is a course that will have you returning to learn new techniques and routines that can be performed on stage and closeup. If you want to learn new routines and techniques, be inspired to create your own and revisit classics, to learn more about classic billet material – and genuinely shock your audience – you need this book.

Believe me when I say I have put so much effort into this book. This is not a book that you will read and put down and move on. This is a book that is overflowing with so much practical material, that you will find yourself referring back to it time and time again. Believe me when I say that each individual routine and technique is worth the price of admission.


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