Roadrunner Cull by Kostya Kimlat Volume 1-2

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You’re about to learn one of the most useful and versatile techniques in all of card magic. After years of teaching the cull to magicians in lectures and workshops throughout the United States, England, Europe and Japan, Kostya is finally releasing all of the work on the technique that fooled Penn & Teller on ‘Fool US’!

This is the ultimate compendium DVD for all lovers and performers of card magic. Over 90 minutes of new magic, techniques, and a complete live-workshop session with commentary from Kostya. In this volume, Kostya goes beyond the “cull” of duty to provide an in-depth look at the technique, handling, and attitude that will make your card technique look flawless. Once you’ve devoured the contents of Volume 1, you’re going to love how the learning experience continues on this second volume.

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