Sylar by Simon Black

All masters know the feeling. Golfers hitting a perfect stroke, artists finding the precise color balance, writers penning sentences that sound like music. These moments of such profound acute excellence are the moments that define our mastery—the moments that prove that the practice has paid off.

Nowhere will you experience this feeling better than a flawless execution of Sylar by Simon Black.

Imagine out-jogging a card from a tabled spread, and after turning the pack face down, the card has been switched. It is a move so clean, you have to see it to believe it. Fair warning: this isn’t a move for the feint of heart. The knack is one of the trickiest we’ve seen and as such, Sylar demands hours of practice. We’ll tell you this now though: it’s worth it. Perhaps one of the most devious switches to date, Sylar is not only a treat for the move-monkeys, but a deadly weapon for the devoted.

Sylar by Simon Black


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