3CSC by Fraser Parker(VIP)

3CSC by Fraser Parker - Book

"One of the coolest pieces of prop-less Mentalism I've seen. It felt so free and easy that I honestly thought I was messing things up and was making my own free choices, right up until Fraser told me the number I was just thinking of."
- Paul Brook

Propless Security Code Guess
In 3CSC Fraser teaches his prop-less method for divining a three digit security code made up by a spectator, otherwise known as a 3CSC or CVC number that would typically appear on the back of a credit or debit card.

This is a unique take and novel presentation on the now modern classic prop-less pin reveal, which uses a streamlined method that moves away from the use of personal dates and mathematics to make it work.

It is practically self working. The method is simplicity itself. Everything is justified via the presentation and there is very little process. It will look as if you are simply making the selection process as fair as possible for the spectator, whilst your words secretly do all of the work for you.

He also tips a reverse way to do this effect where the spectator becomes the mind reader, using their intuition to guess the performer's security code, as well as shares an interesting principle and bold version that fools even knowledgeable Mentalists.

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