52 Stunner by Juan Capilla(VIP)

52 Stunner by Juan Capilla

"The perfect opener - funny, engaging and powerful. With 52 Stunner, Juan has captured all the impact of the classic Mind Power Deck, but done with a normal pack of cards! I will definitely be using this." - David Jonathan

"Juan Capilla has taken TWO of my favorite principles of card magic and combined them into one powerful trick. This one simple gimmick turns ANY DECK into a Tossed Out Deck!" - Cody S. Fisher

"This is a wonderful routine that flows and will fry your audience." - Joe Rindfleisch

Start a stunning piece of mentalism with cards as a joke, but finish with their jaw on the floor in one of the fairest pieces of mental magic you will ever perform with a deck of cards. You may have seen the 52-On-1 gimmick before, but this time it’s been transformed into one of the most hard-hitting Thought-Of Card effects you can perform. This is the 52 Stunner by Juan Capilla.

Your spectator selects and remembers a card; then, they shuffle the deck. With no way of knowing what or where their card is, you take a guess by removing a single card from the deck. They name the card, and you prove that you know what it is by turning the card around and showing that their card is printed on the face. All 52 other cards are also printed on the face as well. It starts as a joke, but then it gets crazy. You prove that you know which one they were thinking of when they look at the card they picked, and it is the only one out-jogged from the other cards printed on the 52-On-1 card. Then, ask them to think of any card on the 52-On-1 gimmick and lock it in their mind. You pull another card from the deck and ask them to reveal the card they are thinking of. When you turn around the card in your hand, it is exactly the card they are thinking of.

52 Stunner uses a specially printed 52-On-1 gimmick that allows you to perform this mind-reading miracle with 100% accuracy. All you have to do is add this specially printed card to your deck, and you are ready to perform. No sleight of hand is needed, which allows you to focus on the performance and leave your audiences with the impression that you are really reading their mind. Juan Capilla has created a truly special effect that your audiences will love. It’s uppercuts all day with 52 Stunner by Juan Capilla.

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