Accumulator Deck by David Penn(VIP)

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When Wayne Fox and David Penn first introduced the "52-1 Deck", it was a huge hit. Many professional magicians around the world adding it to their working repertoire, including Dynamo. "The Accumulator Deck" takes this original idea to new heights.

"David has created not only an incredible piece of magic but also a utility that is genuinely going into my shows. It's brilliant on every level." Marc Spelmann

Now, you're not only able to cut to the spectator's thought-of card, but can even have a second person's thought-of card appear at a freely-named number between 1 and 52.

What Happens

You spread the cards and show they're all different. A participant is invited to remember a red card, and another participant remembers a black card. Someone then names a number between 1 and 52.

Without the first person even telling you what card they chose, you're able to cut to it. You then count down to the named number to find the second card. A true card magic miracle.

How Is "Accumulator Deck" Different than "52-1"

The design is completely different allowing you to turn over any card and show it at the number that is named. You also are still able to perform the original "52-1" effect if you'd like.

"Accumulator Deck" is printed on high-quality Bicycle Playing Cards stock.

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