Adam Elbaum – Bubble Thought

Bubble Thought - Adam Elbaum - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Here at Vanishing Inc., we’re trying‏‏‎ ‎d not to over-promise on product descriptions or oversell you. But we mean this: “Bubble Thought” is the best virtual card trick we’ve ever seen. Why? Because it garners gasps and screams. And because it doesn’t require any tedious, mathematical follow-along instructions.

“Bubble Thought” looks like this, and it really is this clean: A spectator grabs any deck of cards from around their house and mixes them thoroughly while you do the same with your deck. They hold the cards up to their screen so you, the performer, can think of one. Then you hold up your cards so they can think of one. Now each of you cuts the pack at any point you like. You each cut to each other’s card. Pure. Simple. Impossible.

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