Alex Latorre – Killer in Manilla

Killer in Manilla with Gimmicks and Online Instructions by Alex Latorre and  Mark Mason

A regular Manilla envelope is freely shown on all sides and is placed on the table. Any card is selected, signed and then lost into the deck. You claim inside the envelope there is a $20 bill (any currency can be used). If you do not find the card, they can keep the money.

A card is removed, unfortunately, it is not the correct signed card. The Manilla envelope is opened, INSIDE is a smaller envelope. This is opened, in there as promised, is a $20 bill. The money is removed from the envelope. As crazy as this sounds underneath the money is ONE CARD. The card is removed; it REALLY IS THEIR SIGNED CARD.

This is so good, I wish I could just describe the method. The gimmick is so well thought out. I have never seen ANYTHING like this before.

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