Black Rabbit Vol 3 Poison Apple by Lewis Le Val(VIP)

Lewis Le Val - Black Rabbit Vol. 3 - Poison Apple

In this third volume of Black Rabbit, Le Val shares a startling yet fascinating routine from his 2022 sell-out show, ‘The Witch Of The Woods’. After falling in love with the stage routine, he developed a close up version to be performed in any environment, with less props whilst preserving the full impact of the original piece.

You introduce the idea of a poison apple; something that can be placed in the mind of another to control or manipulate their thoughts, actions, or even… their memories.

Your spectator imagines an apple, and from here you proceed with a small test to prove its effectiveness, a demonstration of your control over their decisions, all whilst maintaining the illusion of free will.

Next, things take an unnerving turn.

After asking your spectator to share an early memory from their life, the imaginary apple is seen to rot, all in their mind! You then explain that their memory never took place, it never happened. As proof, inside the envelope that’s been in full view the entire time, is a business card with their exact memory written on it!

The apple has poisoned their mind and clouded their thoughts!

But not to worry, after the routine, balance is restored and you leave them with their true memories intact. They can keep the business card as an eerie souvenir.

The memory is real, and that’s what makes this routine so shocking.

In this download Le Val goes over everything in great detail, including all you’ll need for the routine, as well as scripting, handling, presentation and also plenty of extra ideas should you wish to use something other than an imaginary apple. You can also change the routine to reveal thoughts, dreams, people, places, or anything you like. What you do with this knowledge, is up to you.

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