Blink 2 By Looch(VIP)

Blink 2 By Looch

The best peek wallet in mentalism just got better!

Designed by Looch and produced by the incredibly talented Alan Wong, Blink 2 is a modern peek case that offers a variety of peeks to suit its owner. You are still able to utilise the peek methods used in our original Blink but now you have the ability to work with a myriad of new peek mechanics such as the Turnover Peek and the now legendary Hookway Peek!

“BLINK is definitely one of the best peek wallets ever created and certainly one of the top mentalist’s products of the year.” Jheff

Blink 2 has an integrated money clip built into the gimmick which allows you to hold bank notes / predictions etc and the pockets are wide enough to accommodate Poker size cards.

In 2018 we brought you the original Blink. A premium leather business card case designed to do one thing perfectly… peek!

Blink quickly sold out and was regarded as one of the finest peek cases ever created by many of the worlds top mentalists.

Soon after the release of Blink, Looch was already creating designs for its successor. The fundamental mechanics behind Blinks ingenious peek were to be retained but this time built into a modern, minimalist business card case.

“Blink is an ingenious, refined and highly practical addition to the arsenal of the modern performer. Recommended!” Jermay

“The secret is totally new and allows you to get your peek, in a “Blink!” As soon as that blink is over, the wallet is back to normal. You can actually get your peek as you place the wallet into your spectator’s hands! Looch has a reputation for putting out high-quality products. This may be his best one yet.” Richard Osterlind

“I was fooled. Twice. BLINK is very clever easy to use. This is a 1A product!” Lior Manor

After 3 years of design and development, we are beyond proud to be able to bring you: Blink 2.

Each Blink 2 is hand made in the finest Brown leather and comes complete in a box with access to online video instructions and a dedicated owner group on Facebook (account required)

Their secret can still be yours within the ‘Blink’ of an eye…

Please Note: Blink 2 is a minimalist design business card case and not intended to be overloaded with decks of playing cards, packet tricks and wads of cash stuffed inside. A recommended carry would be a bank card, business cards and some cash in the money clip.

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