Daniel Garcia – Mint Box

Mint Box by Daniel Garcia

The most highly anticipated magic trick of the year is here!

A device that creates MIRACLES, built into a mini tin of Altoid mints. You will NEVER leave home without Mint Box by Danny Garcia.

Danny Garcia invented some of the best magic of the early 2000s… and then he mysteriously vanished from the industry. What you may NOT know, is that he NEVER stopped creating magic and has only gotten better. In fact, he’s been creating a lot of the magic you’ve seen on TV for the top magicians on the planet.

He hasn’t released a single thing in YEARS. Until today.

Mint Box is a card-to-box like nothing you’ve seen before. You can perform it secretly to cause a signed card to appear in your pocket, but where it takes things to A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL is that you can even use it to visually vanish or transform objects.

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