Enigmatic Enigmas By David Regal(VIP)

Enigmatic Enigmas By David Regal

A fantastic collection of original, fooling magic from David Regal.

David Regal is one of our favorite creators and the perfect choice to help us celebrate our 15th birthday with an amazing new download. “Enigmatic Enigmas” features two entertaining routines and two versatile controls that are so strong, they could even be used as standalone effects. Get it all for one low price as part of a special limited time 15th birthday deal!

Circle of Gold
A borrowed deck of cards and borrowed wedding band are used to create a one-of-a-kind card location routine unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. No gimmicks are required to perform this impromptu stunner.

Control Yourself
Throughout his countless appearances at the Magic Castle, David has performed “Control Yourself” more than any other trick. Using an ordinary deck of cards, you combine the Spectator As Magician and Magician in Trouble plots into a surprising and fun routine where two people discover they’re way more magical than they thought. This one plays big!

Relocation Control
An absence of any noticeable moves makes this control truly devastating. They think their card has been placed right into the middle, leaving them with no chance of ever knowing its secretly been controlled to the top.

(Note: While the Relocation Control was quickly featured in David Regal’s Masterclass, this tutorial offers a detailed look with over the shoulder angles to make learning easier than ever)

Descending Control
They see their card descend to the bottom of the deck…or so they think. They have no idea it’s actually now on top, ready to be palmed off, revealed, or used any way that you need.

Neither of these routines require any difficult sleight of hand and the two stunning controls are so deceptive, you may even fool yourself.

“Enigmatic Enigmas” by David Regal is a regal collection of magic that you can start learning instantly. Download it now before our limited time discounted birthday pricing expires!

Runtime: 36 minutes

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