Chose Project by Dani Daortiz Vol 12(VIP)

The final lesson of the Chaos project is a Card At Number so chaotic that the only explanation for its method must be magic. In the final lesson of The Chaos Project, Dani DaOrtiz shares a wild trick that is almost an entire show all by itself. Now set up in easy-to-follow chapters of The What, The How, and The Way, learning the magic of Dani DaOrtiz is even easier than ever before.

The What
The magician secretly writes down a prediction on a piece of paper and then turns it face down. The deck is cut and shuffled by an audience member. They take the deck under the table, take a card out of the deck, and sit on them. A second spectator takes another card, remembers it, and then it is shuffled back into the deck. The magician tosses a few handfuls of cards onto the table, and then another spectator selects any of those cards, and it is not the selected card. This process is repeated and is once again unsuccessful. The prediction is read out loud, and it reads that the selected card will be located at the number of the three other card values added together. The card under the spectator’s bottom is added to the two incorrect cards for a final value. That number is counted down in the deck, and unbelievably, the selected card is found at that location.

The How
Immediately after you see a performance of the effect in Dani’s private studio, you learn the core principles of the effect so you can start practicing right away. Even with the audience shuffling, there is a fascinating and mind-bogglingly simple force of a number. Don’t sleep on this force, though. It may be simple, but it’s incredibly deceptive and will fly right by your magician friends and kill your lay audiences dead.

The Why
The best part of these videos is when Dani DaOrtiz breaks down all of the theory and construction of his effects. This is where you learn the real secrets of chaos. You’ll learn Dani’s What If theory, his pillars of focus, the imaginary pillars of theory, and how to manage your audience’s expectations. This is not just where the rubber meets the road. It’s some of Dani’s most important theories when performing chaos magic.

The Chaos project is a year-long course in learning some of the most devious and deceptive techniques and theories of one of the most influential card magicians in the world. This final lesson is the finishing school where you will learn to harness the powers of chaos for your card magic, and learn one of Dani’s best Card at Number Routines. It’s time to graduate from The Chaos Project with Dani Daortiz.

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