#&%ing 101 by Danny Goldsmith(VIP)

What You'll Learn:

The #&%ING principle

We have to bleep out the real name here since it gives the method away but whether you know it or not there is so much to learn in this project.  When learned properly this principle allows for the cleanest vanishes, productions, and changes. Once learned, this sleight is a super power ingrained in the memory of your muscles.


You're going to learn how to vanish a coin and show your hands empty front and back! It doesn't get cleaner than this. You'll never have to worry about someone saying "it's in the other hand" ever again.


Often people don't know how to "clean up" after the vanish. How do you get the coin into a favorable position so that you can produce it again or simply ditch it? You're going to get in-depth instruction on Danny's own methods that are both deceptive and natural. These will help you have so much more confidence when using this technique.


You'll learn how to show your hands empty front and back before producing a coin out of thin air. This is Danny's go-to when someone asks him to perform. Seriously, what's stronger than producing money from thin air?

Multiple Coins

You'll learn how to use this technique with multiple coins. You saw it in the trailer, you can vanish 2 coins and reproduce them one at a time. It doesn't get cleaner than this.

Wink Vanish & Wink Subtlety

The Wink vanish is an instantaneous vanish in the "wink" of an eye.
Not only is Danny going to teach you this original technique but he's also going to show you how to use it to make the #&%ING principle so much more natural and deceptive.

Candle Palm

We said "it doesn't get any cleaner than this." Well... we were wrong. You're going to learn the easiest way to accomplish one of the hardest palms in coin magic. You may have thought that this method was out of reach for you but after learning this you're going to have a real super power on your hands with much less effort!

Danny is going to go in immense detail on these moves and how to practice them to see real results. These teachings are thorough and give you everything you need to master the #&%ING principle.

And all of this with NO GIMMICKS!

This is a sleight that you won't regret having in your arsenal

Learn to vanish and produce coins with completely empty hands!

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