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For the bulk of his career, Jon Armstrong made a living as one of the most talented close-up magicians in the world. But, about a decade ago, he decided he wanted to focus more on performing stand-up magic both as a creative challenge and to open up more financial avenues. In this special, Masterclass he’s going to teach you how he made that transition. This includes both complete routines both old and new and all the tips he's picked up over the last ten years.

This three-part session includes two 90-minute lectures followed by a live Q&A on Zoom where you can ask Jon any questions you have. It's available for just $1/£1 for new subscribers of Vanishing Inc. Masterclass!

There is no better way to start 2024 than with the “Jon Armstrong Masterclass”!

Session 1 - January 7, 2024 (4pm ET | NYC Time)

In the first session, Jon will discuss the main concepts you need to understand if you want to stand-up magic and also improve the stand-up magic you already do.

Each section will start with a performance of a routine from Jon’s show before diving into the method for the effect, as well as a detailed exploration of the finer details that make it so successful. You don’t just get the why, but also the how—including how to make routines your own.

How to Win - Formal (Ring and Tie)
Jon’s overall thoughts about stand-up magic and his signature stand-up routine, which leaves your audience with a permanent reminder of your awesome skills for the rest of the show.

Real Show Review - Card Under Watch/Bag Stab
You’ll learn how to effectively review your shows and discover how it not only helps you improve your performances, but also sparks creativity for new routines. This section concludes with learning a complete 10-minute routine filled with tons of magical moments.

The Now - Practice Time: Chop Cup (First Time Being Published)
Jon offers some invaluable insights on how to script routines that audiences will genuinely remember. This includes a first-ever look at how he’s evolved his Chop Cup routine to heighten both the magical impact and audience interaction without following the standard guessing game plot.

Bringing Close-Up On Stage - Thought of Card to Wallet
Learning how to make your smaller close-up effects play bigger on stage is a major part of transitioning to stand-up magic. To illustrate this concept, Jon will teach you how to fill the stage with just a deck of cards, a rubber band, and a wallet.

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