Manoj Kaushal – Lockdown

Lockdown - Manoj Kaushal - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Lockdown¬†uses a brilliant principle that will have you screaming “Why didn’t I think of that?”

If someone claimed they could locate a free selection using a borrowed shuffled deck without ever looking at the cards, you’d call them crazy. If they then claimed it’s possible because they’ve learned to track a shuffle using only sound, you’d call them even crazier. Manoj Kaushal must be bloody insane… because that’s exactly what he did.

Imagine this… the spectator shuffles the cards face up into face down, takes out any card, flips it over and puts it back anywhere they want. Your back is turned the entire time and after a simple spread, you know exactly what card they chose. The spectator does all the work for you – It doesn’t get any easier than that.

  • NO Gimmicks
  • NO Setup
  • NO Key Cards

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