Mark Edward – Total Darkness

“Mark Edward is a world-class professional psychic entertainer with a deft touch for bridging the chasm between mainstream and bizarre magic audiences.” “When you consider that Edward knew and was guided by the founding elders of the Bizarre Magick movement, Total Darkness becomes a treasured magical Grymiore of techniques, philosophy and audience psychology imbued with the intellectual spirit of all of them.” “Edward’s presentation and writing style is evocative and chillingly simple, “ Cross roads of any kind are tricky places that need careful navigation, even one as small and innocent looking as this one.” is my favorite line.” “Mainstream performers may pass on buying Total. That would be a mistake. There are several routines or phases of longer routines that work for non-bizarre audiences.” – Rolando Santos, Asst. Editor, The Linking Ring

“Total Darkness” is presented as a 233-page hardbound book, featuring 15 in-depth fully photo illustrated séance pieces which concludes with six more effects in the first ever published release of The Keith Moon Séance. Foreword by Tony ‘Doc’ Shiels and covered with an exclusively designed dust-jacket by artist Vincent Mattina. Mark Edward is one of the most established psychic’s in the world. We at Stevens Magic have sold hundreds of his works and have worked exclusively with Mark on many of his productions. Watch a video perfomance of “The Dusty Drawer“ from this book:

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