Matthew Garrett – Garrett’s Impossible Rings

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Imagine the ability to link 2 or 3 rings, hand them out for examination, then immediately unlink them and hand them out again with no switches, magnets, or hidden switches or hinges. The rings are all 100% examinable. Anytime you like you can pause and let the spectator have a look at what is going on! IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL NOW!

Matthew Garrett brings the same high quality ring sets he is known for to the table featuring an all new gimmick! Magicians Brian Hoseth and Mike Hill join in as well offering a look at their own techniques and ideas using GiR. Over 2 hours of explanation going into extreme detail on how to perform the perfect ring routine.

*DISCLAIMER* The effect of linking with GiR uses a no key method, that is to say there is no form of locking mechanism, the rings are solid. In order to use the expansion set (GIR BASIC) you must specifically own Matthew Garrett’s 4 Linking Ring set, which measures precisely 4.5″ external diameter. Please measure them prior to ordering. The rings are precision made and other sets will most probably not work with this expansion set.

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