Memories Are Made of This by Simon Aronson

Memories Are Made of This - magic

Memorized deck magic is a whole new world for the card magician, and it has become a blooming intellectual industry. On a personal note, Simon’s thoughts and discoveries in this area changed the way I think about card magic. And taking your first two steps into this world are painless.

Step One: Download Simon’s FREE ebook Memories are Made This. Consider all he has to say, and then…

Step Two: Memorize the order. This takes a couple weeks, but once you’ve got it, it will be a skill you’ll have for life. And unlike other forms of practice, this one doesn’t require deft manipulation: it just requires some memory (and he makes this easy for you in the ebook).

Memorized Deck magic opens up unique possibilities. It turns pick-a-card tricks into THINK-a-card tricks. It allows you to perform amazing tricks without ever touching the cards. We’re all familiar with card controls (controlling a card to the top or controlling four Aces). With memorized deck magic, you are controlling all 52 cards, all the time.

But exploring the world of memorized deck magic evokes questions. Which stack do I use? What is a memorized deck? How do I learn one? How long does it take? What tricks can I do with a memorized deck? All good questions. And Simon has some excellent advice on all these questions and more, and he is offering it to Vanishing Inc. readers for free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Memories are Made of This is a little primer into a bigger world. In this booklet you have everything you need to memorize the stack. It will also help you decide which Aronson book is best to start with.
All of Aronson’s books and DVDs are a FABULOUS value—nobody on Earth would dispute that. We always suggest you start with Bound to Please, but beginning with any of the others is fine, too.

If you downloaded this ebook from Simon a few years ago, you’ll want to check out this version. It has been completely redesigned and has some great bonus material!

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