Noetic License (Book Three in Act Series) by Mick Ayres(VIP)

Amazon | Noetic License: MENTALISM DRAMAS AND DIALOGUES (The Act-Series by Mick  Ayres) | Ayres, Mick | Magic

Noetic License provides the full details of a professional 50-minute mentalism act. In these pages, you will find everything has been fully-scripted, blocked, and choreographed into a humorous, mystifying, crowd-pleasing show.

The audience interaction is abundant and tense in the Noetic License act. The eyes reveal when someone is lying. The audience goes 'backstage' and watches as you dramatically reveal things you have never seen. A legendary tale becomes all too real in a surprising, humorous presentation. Events that are just a few moments ahead in time are accurately predicted. The guests themselves are shown how to tap into their own intuition with amazing, undeniable results.

Noetic License introduces the Ayres Shuffled System to the conjuring world. This quick to learn, quick to apply, and quick to use system turns any deck of cards into a versatile tool for both mentalists and magicians. The deck appears to be randomly shuffled, but it is not. In additional to the complete act detailed here, a bonus routine featuring the Shuffled System is also included.

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