Scott Alexander’s 10th Annual Holiday & Magic Extravaganza(VIP)

Scott Alexander – Spectacular Holiday and Magic Extravaganza 2020 –  erdnasemagicstore

Scott Alexander’s 10th Annual Spectacular Holiday (2022) and Magic Extravaganza is going to be a night to remember. This event has been called the “One Man Saturday Night Live of Magic” so you do not want to miss it. There will be jokes, gags, mediocre singing, lousy prizes and a cavalcade of puns, bits o’ business and raucous parodies where we “send up” the glitterati of magicians we all know love. Plus you will see Scott perform some of his classic routines and even teach a few tricks along the way. Its comedy, its magic and full of scripted insanity! So grab a frosty cup of egg nog, throw a big yule log on the fire and sidle up to the computer and get ready to be entertained by Scott’s unleashing of this this festive holiday tradition. Ho Ho Ho!

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