Shin Lim – Change of Heart

To have a change of heart means to change one’s mind – and with these two color changes from Shin Lim, you’ll not only change minds – you’ll completely melt them.

Rarely are sleights themselves impressive in their own right – but here Shin has developed two pieces that work just as well on their own as they do as a finale to an Ambitious Card Routine.

Change One is a highly visual change that happens at the finger tips, with an open hand – under conditions as as fair as you’ll ever see, and is perfect for stage or parlor presentations.

Change Two is an in-the-hands change from the middle of the deck, with a reversed card changing to a selection in the blink of an eye. A must learn change for the street magician.

• No Gaffs Required
• Totally Impromptu
• Shot in crystal-clear HD
• Multiple Angles for clear demonstration
• Includes teaching on the classic pass
• Taught by FISM, IBM & WMS award winner; Shin Lim.

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