SPIX by Les French Twins (VIP)

SPIX - magic

Two devastating, commercial effects packed into one powerful app.

"SPIX" is a special collaboration between Les French Twins and Magie Factory. After earning a reputation as a beloved underground tool for workers over the last few years, it is now finally available worldwide!

You'll get complete access to the app, which features two powerful effects: Aircode and Airprint.

Without touching the screen, your iPhone starts to unlock itself one number at a time using a number that they called out. It can even be done at a distance. A beautiful blend of powerful mentalism and digital magic.

This 100% customizable tool has so much potential. For example, you can mention to a participant how you feel like you have a lot in common. How crazy it would be if you had the same iPhone passcode? As they think of their passcode, you both look at your phone. Without touching anything, the numbers on the lock screen start to press themselves one by one, unlocking the phone from a distance!

Many presentations are possible to match your performing style and leave every audience speechless.

An extraordinary effect that leaves a physical and impossible memory for your audience.

Your participant names any object and color. Millions of choices and combinations are possible. You then tell them how you happened to bring a souvenir for them. Without any fishy moves, you produce a photo of their named object in the corresponding color.

This is just one of the ways you can present it. Airprint allows you secretly print any named thing without any suspicious moves.

For those who don't want to purchase the portable printer required to conduct this type of routine, Airprint also allows you to have the unique photo appear in your photo gallery at a desired date.

"SPIX" Features:

"SPIX" was designed to be as intuitive and practical as possible for workers. It's easy to use and reliable. Use either effect separately or combine them both into a powerhouse routine.

  • 2 effects in 1 app
  • Designed with workers in mind
  • Easy to use
  • Fully customizable (triggering mode, delays...etc)
  • Instant reset
  • Non-internet handlings are available
  • Universal bluetooth remote functionality available
  • Detailed explanation video with 45 minutes of routines, ideas and subtleties

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