The Hornet by Nicholas Lawrence(VIP)

Visual Magic that leaves a lasting impression.. – Nicholas Lawrence Presents

No Trailer Available for Early Access, Youll just have to believe me when i say you'll love it and that they will sell out fast..

An ultimate Secret Weapon! 

‘The Hornet Gimmicks give you the ability to visually Transpose, Vanish, Appear, Restore, Transform, and even Teleport small objects in a blink! ….. all while showing your hands completely empty!! WHAT?!


(No sleeves, Reels, Threads or Fragile materials)

2 Gimmicks are included, The Hornet can be setup and used in different ways, this gives you more options when choosing your performing style.

Handmade by Nicholas Lawrence

they’re durable and will last for years

  • Coin Fly - One coin routine where the coin visually and impossibly jumps from hand to hand, cleanly showing both hands and only one coin! The coin can be examined before and after, No switch.
  • The Flash - Restore a torn corner from a signed card in the most visual way possible. The card can be examined before and after, No switch.
  • ABC Gum - A chewed piece of gum and instantly restores into a brand new examinable piece.

Bonus Ideas & Applications

Besides the unique effects taught, These gimmicks will spice up the tricks you already have.. Bring New life to what you already perform!


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