The Jar by Garrett Thomas(VIP)

The Jar - magic

In the realm of switchboxes, we searched for THE most organic and practical gimmicks that could be hidden in the most effective of hiding places... in plain sight. Introducing, The Jar, by Kozmo. The Jar is one of the most versatile and organic switchboxes ever created. Rings, sugar packets, cards, coins, bills and more are able to be switched to ANY small object. The Jar also allows for extremely visual coin penetrations and a coins-across routine that is unlike anything around.

Why have a highly suspicious, magic gimmick on the table, when you can have an unassuming, plain old jar that is as diabolical as the craftiest of switch devices? The jar and the item inside stays in sight the ENTIRE time of the performance. It is COMPLETELY INSPECTABLE. The Jar's possibilities are never ending.

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