The Prodigy – Alex Geiser

ヤフオク! - 《614》【手品】The Prodigy by Alex Geiser and...

Xu Jiumei saw magic in the coin market , glad The Blue Crown website does not forget the magic ring , Alex Geiser ‘s latest product launch The Prodigy.
The Prodigy effect from videos can be crystal clear , do not do a detailed text description , but to emphasize that this is pure magic practices, and does not use props, so the difficulty is very high , there are certainly problems angle , must be psychologically prepared for hard training .
Duration 60 minutes , will be able to learn more than 60 kinds of coins from the way , Alex Geiser performance will be described in detail , psychology, and the timing of such matters , so that the faithful can easily learn magic tricks which , in real life in practice this coin magic.

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