Trapped by Rubén Vilagrand(VIP)


TRAPPED - Rubén Vilagrand

Rubén Vilagrand’s “Trapped” is the perfect addition to your stand-up repertoire. This twisted – and a bit dangerous – version of the classic fishing card trick will leave your audience completely stunned and amazed.  A spectator selects a card. It is signed and returned to the deck, which is then placed in a bucket. Now for the fun. You now introduce a mousetrap and prepare it, so it is ready to go. The mousetrap dangles from a string and (with obvious comedy-potential) you lower the mousetrap into the bucket, until it clearly audibly catches something… You lift the mousetrap and one card is now trapped in the trap, the chosen and signed card!

Trapped is easy to learn and simple to perform, making it a perfect trick for both beginner and advanced magicians alike. With Trapped, you’re sure to capture the imagination of your audience and leave a lasting impression.  Rubén has made this mousetrap entirely to exhibit this effect, with special attention to quality and security. Trapped is an elegant, durable, and professional design, and it is one of those rare effects, that will entertain both kids and adults. You receive the special mousetrap along with clear online instructions. Use your own deck of cards, sharpie, and any bucket that fits your style.

This innovative and captivating take on the classic fished and signed letter effect  is sure to wow audiences of all ages alike.

Easy to learn:

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced magician, Trapped is designed to be easy to learn and perform with ease. It is ideal for anyone who wants to leave a memorable mark in the minds of their audience.

Insurance and Design:

This is not a classic mouse trap, but a carefully designed and tested version to avoid problems. Manufactured with special attention to quality and safety.  Trapped also stands out aesthetically. Its elegant, durable and professional design would be suitable even for a children’s show, adding for example a creative touch such as a drawing of a mouse on a card. Imagine having a deck with a drawing of animals or with insects and bugs, a mouse appears drawn on the selected card and you are going to proceed to find it with your trap for mice that sneak into birthday parties or communions, etc… (CHECK OUT OUR FORCE ANYTHING DECK to use with this product.)


Trapped has dazzled magicians with its originality and ingenuity.

The Pack contains:

  • The specially manufactured trap
  • Detailed instructions from Rubén Vilagrand

A beautiful visual effect and very commercial and we remember that it can be with a signed letter.

Important: Make sure to watch the instructions before you play with the mouse trap. Not suitable for underaged use! Use is at your own risk.

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