Universal Plunger – Mathieu Bich & Magic Dream(VIP)

We are happy to present to you Universal Plunger, the novelty signed Mathieu Bich in collaboration with Magic Dream!

Sold out during the Blackpool 2023 congress!

A great magic classic now back, in an improved version!

This small harmless accessory will become your asset to make incredible, funny, amazing and memorable effects!

The original effect:

A spectator announces a number. A simple suction cup on the card game that already this very unusual accessory takes exactly the number of cards announced! A spectator whisper with the suction cup the name of the card chosen and once again, it finds it by cutting in the right place! A turnkey routine with multiple twists and gags.


When this round was published for the first time, magicians around the world were not praised towards it. This exceptional, fun and amazing routine at will, is moreover, very easy to present.

In this very complete version, you will have two suction cups (one cleverly rigged and the other normal), as well as a Gimmick card called Aircard which will allow you to go even further in the effect. The potential of this routine is tenfold!

The small WC unblocker is provided in wood and not plastic.

You receive :

  • A gimmick suction cup;
  • A normal suction cup;
  • An Aircard (Gimmick card);
  • 1h30 of explanatory video in French with Mathieu Bich.

Strong points :

  • An unusual object with infinite comic potential;
  • Professional quality gimmicks;
  • Video tutorial of almost 1:30, in French, by Mathieu Bich;
  • The tour can now be done standing in closed-up conditions as well as on flat surfaces (no longer only on a carpet!);
  • Wooden handle (and not plastic).

Ask for a demonstration in store in Max (Fan N ° 1 of this effect that has become cult!). 😉

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