Introducing a fun and surprising magic trick that predicts the spectator's chosen card and even its location! Vector Prediction by Doosung Hwang is a magic trick that will surprise your audience twice with an unexpected twist.

First, the spectator freely chooses a card from a deck of cards. The spectator's chosen card is then inserted face down into the deck by the spectator himself. Next, you reveal the prediction card, which has been shown from the beginning, and it has a number written on it. When you spread the deck, the spectator's inserted card is at the exact position on the number of the prediction card! Even more amazingly, when you flip over the card the spectator picked, it matches the prediction card exactly!

This trick is even more powerful because it not only predicts the spectator's choice, but also their behavior. There are no difficult techniques involved, making it easy and fun to perform anywhere, anytime. In addition, the process of inserting the cards by the spectators themselves makes it more fun and engaging for everyone.

The instructional video covers not only the basic performance but also various handling and tips in detail.

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