13.5 cms X 19 cms X 1.5 cms Published by Houdini Magic Inc in 2002 Unpackaged weight 102 g If I didn’t admit to having this in my collection from new you’d swear it was a brand new copy. The advertising copy reads: MANY OF the world’s top mentalists consider the Jinx to be one of the most important of all magical publications ever. It is a treasure chest of ideas, methods, routines and Annemann’s own perceptive views on magic.

A must read not just for mentalists but for all magicians everywhere. There has never been anything that equals the Jinx Magazine. Ted Annemann’s own idea of a practical and inventive publication. The Jinx demanded and received every last bit of magical knowledge and psychological research that only Ted Annemann could give. Every variety and type of magic is here. Ball tricks, bill tricks, billet reading, book tests, brain tests, cards, coins, cigarettes, silks, matches, slates, spirit effects, thimbles, ropes and ribbons, and more. Here is the complete three volume set on one CD-ROM. It is fully indexed and you can search through over 800 pages on your PC or MAC computer. As a bonus included are 5 Jinx programs and Michael Skinner’s note on The Jinx.


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