The Camel by Danny Urbanus(VIP)

the Vault - The Camel by Danny Urbanus - YouTube

A modern version of Tommy Wonder's remarkable effect "Through The Eye of The Needle".

"The Camel" by Danny Urbanus uses an innovative method that allows you to show everything at the beginning and give out an impossible souvenir at the end. The needle is linked with no cover at all.

Everything you need is contained and set up on one of your business cards. Nothing extra is needed and there are no slits in the needle.

"The Camel" is the perfect way to hand out your business card and make people remember you. Danny will explain exactly what is needed to perform this miracle on this easy to follow download

This is one of those effects that you want to have ready for special occasions when you really need to impress someone.

Download "The Camel" by Danny Urbanus and get started today!

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