The False Shuffle Project By Eddie McColl

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I am really excited to announce a download that has been highly requested when I’ve attended conferences, workshops and gatherings over the past 10 years. In the Table Shuffle Project I teach how I do Edward Marlo’s ‘Strip Out shuffle’. I have spent over a decade studying Marlo’s Riffle Shuffle Systems and in this download share my interpretation of this false shuffle. But wait, there’s more. 

On top of the strip out shuffle, I also include a breakdown of the Push Through shuffle, and a latter improvement, the Pinch Through shuffle. Adding any one of these shuffles to your arsenal will put you in a great position as a magician and card technician. I also break down techniques for carrying out top and bottom block transfers using the strip out shuffle. These transfers can be easily adapted to the alternative false shuffles, so you can chose the technique that is more suited to your situation. I have also included a centre transfer technique derived from the Steven’s Control.


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