Twins by Brother John Hamman presented by Michael Ammar

“Just plain crazy in a VERY good way.” –Dick McCune

As you tell a funny sitcom-style story about two sliiightly sleazy brothers, their wives and a couple cute redheads at a bar… the cards in your hand START CHANGING to match the words of your story. This happens over, and over again, and the reactions get BIGGER each time.

Here’s why this card trick is awesome.

1. People think you’re hiding like 20 cards in your hands, so when you let them examine the 4 cards at the end their brains explode.

2. You just get right into it! There’s no need to have anyone pick a card, or think of a card. People can just watch you perform.

3. It looks so innocent, no funny moves just some storytelling. The choreography of this trick is INGENIOUS.

4. It uses ordinary cards you already have. No need for fancy magic cards, you’ll be able to perform this for the rest of your life anywhere you go.

Twins by Brother John Hamman presented by Michael Ammar


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