Ultimate Faulty Followers by Ken de Courcy

Ultimate Faulty Followers by Ken de Courcy

.Here is a wonderful routine that you can perform every time and everywhere. From an idea by George Sands, Ken developed a beautiful three phases routine that can be performed under all circumstances with eight unprepared giant cards. The routine develops the theme “You can’t do what I do”.

Effect: Having enticed a spectator up to help, the magician hands him eight jumbo cards and says, “Please give me any four….and keep four yourself.” This done, both performer and spectator carry out some simple movements but, when the cards are counted over, all the magician’s cards are face down while the spectator has one face up. This process is repeated with exactly the same result.

There is obviously only one answer; the spectator will have to do the actions …with both packets! He does so, yet the magician’s cards finish up all face down and the spectator still, has one reversed.

What makes the routine so strong is the fact that jumbo cards are apparently too large to manipulate. The sequence is worked on the classic “three” formula and the method used each time is different.

  • Use only eight standard or Jumbo unprepared cards
  • No advanced preparation (in fact you can borrow the cards and perform the routine…)
  • Easy to do
  • As usual the routine comes complete with a humorous patter by Ken
  • Every stage uses a different method
  • Plenty of situation comedy
  • Can be performed on stage or close-up


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