View To A Skill by John Bannon – VIP

“This trick is going to fool you.” –John Bannon

“View to a skill is my favorite self-working effect of all time! This is the perfect effect for a difficult audience. They shuffle, they deal, and they are astonished.” –Josh Burch

John Bannon’s View To A Skill is a completely self-working fooler. No sleight of hand or gaffs are required for this effect that ends in a perfect prediction.

A special game of War is proposed by the magician, with the audience member choosing whether they would like the red cards or the black cards. A prediction is written on the back of a business card and placed face down on the table openly before the game begins. After two rounds of the game, the prediction not only correctly predicted who would win each game but by exactly how many points they would win!

John has revised the Stewart James Miraskill effect to require absolutely no sleight of hand. Once you learn this you’ll be able to do it forever from any shuffled deck.

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