Vinny Grosso Penguin Live Act

“Vinny Grosso is a true gentleman, one of the most gracious guys in magic. That said, he also fooled us badly and made us love it.” – Teller

“Not only did he fool Penn & Teller, he also fooled me. Which I believe to be way harder.” -Mac King

“Vinny Grosso is one of my favorite magicians. Anytime he talks, I listen, and so do lots of other magicians in the know. Don’t be fooled by his nice guy image, it’s real. And like most top magicians, he realizes that sometimes the best material lies in uncovering a classic and making it new again. Vinny also knows that the real secret to success is in how an entertainer treats an audience and being likable, and he’s a master at both.” -Michael Mode

“Vinny Grosso is one of those rare magicians. He has experience in almost all areas of magic, from behind the scenes to theater booking other acts and creating rare, unusual, off-the-wall yet highly entertaining performance pieces. Vinny is hands-on funny, and amazing. You need to see, to learn, and to experience Vinny Grosso. You will walk away with your life changed. Oh, and if that was not enough, he is kind of okay as a human being as well.” -Banachek

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