Xavier Mortimer LIVE

“Xavier’s show is one of the best expressions of theatrical magic I have ever had to experience.” – Jeff McBride
“I am in love with Xavier’s magic.” – Asi Wind
“A genius. Xavier is just pure gold.  100/100 visual, astounding, creative and funny magic. You will love him! A young Master already at the very top!  But I love him more than that!”  –  Gaëtan Bloom

What will he teach?

Tape to tie  A piece of white, large tape is stuck to look like a tie on a shirt. It turns at sight into a real tie.
Bubble to ball – Ball to bubble  A bubble turns magically into a crystal ball and then to a bubble again.
Ball manipulations  Demonstration and techniques with crystal balls
Blowing up a balloon by the ear  A classic clown effect becomes magic with a simple device you can build.
Improve levitations with mime technique  Dancing cane
Juggling with casino chips  A variation on Pierre Brahma’s coins flourishes.
Also, Xavier will talk about:
The importance of directing magic,
How to create a routine that makes sense and not just a demonstration of tricks,
How to create your own character on stage, and
How to choose a text or a music for an act.
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