Juan Pablo Ibañez – Body Mentalism

From the fertile mind of Juan Pablo Ibánez: “Body Mentalism”

“Body Mentalism” is an in depth study of an ingenious principle. You’ll find more than 16 extraordinary mentalism routines, using only spectators and almost no elements.

  • These routines are powerful, practical and extremely versatile.
  • You can amaze 20 people or a full theatre.
  • The principles involved allow you to perform one effect or a complete routine with a strong climax.
  • “ACAAN”, “Book test”, “Lie detector” and many more!
  • You’ll be ready to perform miracles anywhere and anytime!



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  1. can you please upload MindSights by Doug Dyment & 7-7-7: The 21 Card Trick by Jon Racherbaumer

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