Timeline By Patrick Kun

魔术教学控制时间TimeLine by Patrick Kun

This app is for entertainment purposes only.

Simulate having time run backwards on your command – TimeLine lets you apparently reverse time!

TimeLine can be used as a stand alone effect, or is perfect when used in conjunction with any time plot in magic including triumph, out of this world, torn and restored, predictions, deja-vu, and more!

TimeLine comes with lots of options and settings, as well as a video tutorial by Patrick Kun.
TV rights reserved by Marc Kerstein and Patrick Kun

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Liam Montier – Dude as i Do(VIP)

Dude as I Do - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

A mind-boggling full deck coincidence routine from Liam Montier that will leave your audience speechless. Dude as I Do is a wildly powerful effect and true fooler that your spectators are bound to remember for a lifetime.

With Dude as I Do, 26 cards from one deck of cards are given to the magician and 26 playing cards from another deck are handed to your spectator. Both of you shuffle your packets before placing them behind your back. Then, you each grab a random card, pass it to the other person and slip it in your half of the deck without looking.

Upon spreading the packets face-down, it is evident that there is truly just one odd-backed card in each deck. These cards are then turned over to reveal that they are impossibly a perfect match.

While most of the audience will be astonished by this, there will undoubtedly be one person who isn't impressed.

"All the cards are the same" they'll say.

They'll then be quite surprised when you tell them that they're actually correct. All the cards ARE THE SAME.

You then flip over the deck to show that every single other card is exactly the same. Both you and your spectator not only chose the same card, but you chose the ONLY unique card in each deck.

Your audience will never see this amazing kicker ending coming.

  • NO rough and smooth
  • NO sticky stuff
  • NO short cards
  • NO sleight of hand

You won't believe how easy Dude as I Do is to perform. Liam's clever handling makes it essentially self-working. Everything also resets instantly making it perfect for any close-up worker or table-hopping magician.

Two Amazing Versions Are Available:
The Ten of Hearts where the prediction is pre-printed on the tuck box or the King of Clubs where you write your own prediction on the card case (which is slightly more "organic" feeling).

Pick whichever version best suits your style or grab both to use in different situations.

Each set comes with a special deck of cards that does all the work for you and access to comprehensive online instructions.

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The Greek Switch by Perseus Arkomanis

The Greek Switch by Perseus Arkomanis - Popular Magic Videos and Ebooks  Sharing

A lightning-quick technique that’ll take you from ‘pointless myth’ to GREEK GOD. The creator of WEAK; Perseus Arkomanis, is back.

Magicians might suspect it, but they’ll never catch it… laymen don’t stand a chance.

Pick up a card. Give it to the spectator. In that, you’ve managed to switch out the cards instantly. So beautiful.

– Use as a color change
– Use as a Torn & Restored
– Perform the perfect mystery card
Time to learn Greek. Download now.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 30 Minutes

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Yoann Here & There

Here & There By Yoann F

To finish my first month on Patreon, I would like to share with you this trick. At this moment, It’s my favorite trick to perform when someone ask for a trick.

It’s a 2 phases sanwich card trick. First the selection is found by the two black Kings, Next to selection found the two black Kings !

You have to exerce pressure with your left thumb on the left side of the pack in order to seperate the three cards from each others.

I hope you will enjoy this trick !

Have fun and thanks again for the support.

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Steve Cook – The Stealth Case

This slick black, everyday-looking card case holds an incredibly simple yet devastating secret that will allow you to acquire secret information with ease. In fact, The Stealth Case is so clever, it does all the work for you!

Imagine this… Your spectator draws or writes anything on a business card. The card is placed within a stack of un-gimmicked business cards (this is a true stack of separate business cards, not a block with a hole in etc.)

Now, with no funny moves, the whole stack is placed in The Stealth Case. Your spectator sees you reach in and remove the top card from the stack. The Stealth Case is closed and given to your spectator to hold while you begin read their mind with 100% accuracy!

You will not believe how cool The Stealth Case is. The Stealth Case is perfect for almost any performing situation, and the whole process makes perfect sense!

Points to Remember:

1. Your spectator may write or draw anything they wish, taking up as much or as little of the card surface as they like

2. Their card is really put inside a stack of business cards (which may be examined)

3. The whole stack is now locked into a solid plastic case (No privacy film used, you really cannot see through the box. It’s solid and may be shown on both sides!)

4. Once the effect is over, your spectator can remove their card from the center of the stack (it has not moved from where It was placed)

Steve Cook’s The Stealth Case comes complete and ready to go, including all the props, a full tutorial DVD featuring routines and handlings by Peter Nardi and Dave Loosley. You also receive a registration code that will grant you access to bonus routines and handlings for this awesome gimmick totally FREE OF CHARGE!

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The Dream Act by Shin Lim

In the 2015 FISM World Championships of Magic in Rimini Italy, Shin Lim was crowned the FISM World Champion of Close Up Card Magic. 2 weeks after Shin was featured on Pen & Tellers Fool Us, he immediately became a worldwide phenomenon, his YouTube video being viewed millions of times in just under a week. This was all because of his Dream Act.

The Dream Act is much more than a mere “trick”. The Dream Act transcends the act of trying to fool a spectator, into becoming an artistic expression.

In this 3.5 hour long tutorial, Shin Lim reveals every aspect of the Dream Act. Not only does he teach every effect, method and action but goes much deeper by delving into the concepts of atmosphere, timing, theory, music, and movements in creating a silent synchronized (non-speaking) routine.

To date this is Shin Lim’s most prized performance piece, a creation that took over six years to develop, and it can now be yours to learn.

Learn the Magic Behind the Magic…

  • All gimmicks are included (including: custom smoke gimmicks for card + smoke to mouth)
  • Assembly is required
  • Over 3.5 hours of in-depth teaching
  • USB charger + 90mah automated battery + 1 atomizer strength (0mg)
  • Bonus: SSS 2015 Edition is included FREE (download only)

This product is limited and will never be reprinted due to keeping this routine exclusive to only a few magicians.

* WARNING: Must be 18 years or older to use the smoke device. If underage be sure to have a parent/guardian present while using device. *

Television rights for Shin Lim’s Dream Act routine are not included in this package. For television rights please contact management of Shin Lim at [email protected]

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Thinking Paradox – Pinch

Thinking Paradox – Pinch – El Chynito

Warning: this trick is difficult for some people to watch!

This trick is DEFINITELY not for everyone, but if you want to freak out your friends, then it’s a MUST-HAVE. It’s super easy to do, and NEVER fails to get gasps.

Here’s what it looks like:

1. Toss some needles on the table and let everyone grab one.

2. Holding the ends between your fingers BAREHANDED, show how you can squeeze until the needle buckles and bends in half.

3. Your hands are completely examinable immediately after performing. And needless to say, nobody can replicate your stunt.

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100th Monkey by Chris Philpott

A powerful new plot involving the entire audience…

The performer holds up a card with a word written on it – the audience concentrates on it and a volunteer reads their minds!

“In 1952, in the jungles of the island of Koshima, in Japan, scientists made one of the strangest discoveries of all time…”

The performer holds up a large card so everyone in the audience can see it – everyone except a volunteer on stage with her eyes closed. The card has a word printed on it – perhaps it reads Canada. As the audience concentrates on the word, the volunteer is asked to think of a country…

Her choice matches the card shown to the audience!

The effect can be repeated with one or more volunteers and a variety of choices: from rock bands to six-digit numbers…

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Michael Ammar Penguin Live Act

“For decades, Michael has been the go-to source for work-a-day magicians.” — Outside Magazine

“One of the most influential magicians of the 20th century.” — Magic Magazine

“Michael is a GREAT, world-class, sleight-of-hand artist.” — Johnny Carson

What will he teach?

Bottle Production: Ammar’s wine bottle production opener

Coin in Bottle: Ammar’s handling of the classic coin in bottle effect.

Vanishes: Michael vanishes several items to set up the finale of the act.

Crazy Mans Handcuffs: A stand up handling of a classic rubber band effect.

Snapped: Broken and restored rubber band.

Feats of Magic: A 3 phase card routine for stand up.

Card in Balloon: Ammar’s handling of Derek Dingle’s Card in Balloon

Professor’s Nightmare: Ammar’s handling of this rope classic.

Add a Number: Using a simple post it notepad, numbers added together from the audeince match Michaels prediction

Cups and Balls: Ammar’s stand up presentation for this classic effect.

Bill in Lemon: After the final.

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