The Magic Dave Show

The Magic Dave show kicks off with a Holi-DAVE Spectacular! You’ll meet Magic Dave, who is excited to introduce you to his magic friends. In this episode, David Williamson interviews the man and the mystery, Ben Earl. They get into the deep theory of thinking about magic.

Plus, you’ll learn a very special handling of the 8 Card Brainwave by Nick Trost. This not only adds power to the trick but gives you a fun presentation straight from David Williamson’s working repertoire.

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The Pluck Production by Josh Burch

This is a single coin production that does not have any clothing requirements. Through out the routine ant any point you can show the backs and palms of your hands to be empty with the fingers spread.

The magician reaches into space with clearly empty hands and produces a coin with a tossing action.

No need to classic palm, finger palm, or back palm.

Imagine being able to hide a coin in a classic palm, with very little practice and then show your palm completely empty. This is what the pluck production allows you to do.

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Toaster Shot

Toaster is a one handed flourish that allows you to shoot multiple cards from the deck in a Spiderman’s web-shooting style. It is easy to do and can be also used as a card production or a Boomerang flourish where the card returns to the magician after being shot out.

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Salto Triumph (Excerpt from Any Shuffled Deck)

This is the ULTIMATE collection of totally impromptu, any shuffled deck in use, self-working card tricks ever!

Every single routine featured can be done from a borrowed shuffled deck, with no sleight of hand or prior setup needed. Someone hands you a deck, and you’ll be ready to fry their minds with TEN incredible self-working miracles. And these are NOT transparent, underwhelming tricks. Seriously impressive, reputation making magic. Self-working these routines may be, but they will still make you look like a card magic ninja!

EVERY routine starts from a borrowed, shuffled deck in use.
Zero sleight of hand required.
Use ANY deck of cards.
Be ready to perform anywhere, any time with any deck.

Interstellar OOTW
Gemini Location
Silly Questions
Wheel of Fortune
Jack’s Poker
Salto Triumph
Last to Turn Up
Invisible Dice
One Over the Eight

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Seated by Amanjit Singh

SEATED is a trick that can be used as a piece of stage magic or parlor magic. The method is easy to learn and can be mastered in less than 15 minutes!


Effect :
A chair is placed on the stage. A volunteer is asked to join the stage and is asked to sit. A deck of cards is handed over to him/her and then is asked to shuffle it thoroughly. A card is then selected and placed back somewhere in the middle of the deck. You then read their mind and reveal the card which only the volunteer knew. For the kicker ending, the volunteer is asked to get off the chair – the chair is flipped and a prediction is found to be stuck under the chair which reveals the volunteer’s selected card.

This is Seated.

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Coinludens – Butterfingers(VIP)

Butterfingers by Coinludens [djskzxr4vua37] - $2.99 : Online Shopping

butterfingers-noun : a person who regularly drops or fails to keep hold of things.

The title is based on the fact how the tricks are super difficult to master where there are high chances of dropping your props multiple times during your practice.

There is no doubt that every piece of work is magical and beautiful when accomplished.


More difficult does not mean more advanced.

All of the techniques used in this work are unique, and we are confident that there is something for everyone in this work.

The back-view shots are too entertaining.

Please experience the romance of such a miracle brought about by a high level of effort!




Table Spin Change (Rall)

Color change of a coin spinning on the table. The changes that occur without stagnation in a series of movements looks extremely beautiful.


Introduces two different ways of spinning a coin.


Autumn Shuffle (Chitose)

The False Riffle Shuffle was created to fulfill the desire to show that the cards are being well mixed.It is compelling and different from existing false shuffles, and it accomplishes this with an ingenious solution.


Fingertip Change (Fuki)

Spellbound where the coin stays at your fingertip all the time and the coin changes into three different colors one after another. There are nothing to suspect with this very light and beautiful touches.The delicate subtlety is also a highlight.

Fingertip Turn

A very convincing false turn over performed with the coin held at your fingertips.


Pressure Transfer (TamuTamu)

Palm-transfer you've never seen before.The transfer is completed instantly. This is the moment when the coin man is fooled: "The coin is not where I thought it would be."

Vanish for Pressure Transfer

Coin vanish achieved by this technique.

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DECONSTRUCTION by Joseph B. Instant Download

Deconstruction is not only an impossible location that will kill your spectator, but it is also an incredible four of a kind production from a deck that the spectator shuffle
Great reactions from laypeople and from magicians also !
Look the fool performance, a real gem!
The set up is very simple and quick!
A devilish method and a fascinating performance!
Everything is done with a normal
deck of cards !

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Coin to wallet By Rodrigo-Romano(VIP)

Coin to Wallet - Rodrigo Romano - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Would you like to perform a powerful, direct and amazing effect? Well, now you can -- with our new effect, COIN TO WALLET.

The creator of Odyssey and Osmosis presents a new, unexplained mystery: COIN TO WALLET.

When you see it, you won't believe it -- a signed coin disappears from the magician's hand and reappears in your wallet, inside a fully closed jewelry bag!

It's that simple and effective.

Pure magic!

- The signed coin is totally normal.

- There aren't duplicate coins.

- There are no switches.

- It can be done with any object (coin, ring, earring, etc.).

- The disappearance is totally clean.

- The participant opens the jewelry bag and finds the coin.


- It can be done surrounded by people.

- Ideal for close-up or larger settings.

- Resets in seconds.

- The wallet is a common one. You can use your favorite wallet without modifying it at all.

- The coin can be given as a souvenir!


- Specially designed accessories for this effect.

- Different routines to present it.

- Online instructions (English/Spanish).



Two equally powerful versions are included. In one, the jacket is slightly modified. In the other, the clothes are not modified at all.

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