Drew Backenstoss LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE)

“Drew is a consummate pro in all respects – meticulous about every aspect of his show, careful to establish and nurture the who, the why, and the how in a way that doesn’t simply deliver entertaining mentalism only, but allows you to experience true theater.” – Atlas Brookings

“I’ve only recently made the acquaintance of Drew, but I would already rate him as one of my favourite mentalism thinkers and creators. We share so much in common about our views of what performance mentalism should be that it’s almost as if our minds are really linked! I love ALL of his ideas and routines. Every single effect is a worker, he absolutely understands how to get the most entertainment and audience interaction out of every routine.” – Marc Paul

“Drew has definitely been the best kept secret in mentalism so far but this is about to change. In a time when everyone is looking for the next best thing and ‘cutting edge’ methods that sometimes have questionable results, Drew offers a combination of classic methods that have stood the test of time combined with clever subtleties to produce stunning and entertaining routines. Great material from a creator who is not only a brilliant thinker but an amazing performer as well.” – Manos

“I have shared ideas back and forth with Drew over the last few years and he really is a very clever thinker. Drew has a wonderful economy in his creation style and is able to squeeze a lot of bang out of very little effort from the performer. This is material designed for a working performer and so does not require mental gymnastics while under pressure.” – Mark Chandaue

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The Magic of Johnny Thompson – 2 Book Set

Johnny Thompson is one of the most respected minds in magic and a living legend. He was our Guest of Honor this year at The Session, and he BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN with his inimitable magic, as well as fantastic anecdotes about Vernon, Miller, and nearly every other important figure in magic. What makes Johnny unique, to us, is that he is a master of many trades: he had one of the most iconic stage acts of his era, a sterling close-up repertoire, and a distinguished career as a trade-show magician. In later years he became THE consultant for magic television shows.

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Bigger Fish Files by Peter Turner (150 Videos+PDF)

Image result for Bigger Fish Files by Peter Turner

We have the last 5 units once these sold, it wont be available ever again.

The time is now!

This is the biggest and best project I’ve ever, ever created. Ive been working on this for over a year and I’m so fucking happy to be able to talk about it.

– The Bigger Fish Files.

The material in the first two books changed my life – I never, never anticipated we would be where we are now and yet here we are.

Firstly, anyone that’s followed my story and supported me and my work thank you – You’ve helped me as a performer and a creator.

I rarely brag about my creations but this one is something special.

It would take far too long to list everything on this project, you’ll just have to trust me when I say it will change you as a performer (it’s certainly changed me).

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Mnemonica Trainer by Rick Lax

f you’ve seen a magician on TV recently doing card tricks you can’t explain, chances are good they were using Mnemonica, a sophisticated system of doing card magic created by Juan Tamariz.

Almost every professional card magician owns Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz. It’s considered the bible of memorized deck magic, and for anyone who wants to master card magic it’s required reading. So why don’t more magicians perform it? They try! But within the pages of Mnemonica, for as much brilliant magic as there is, there isn’t any help given to memorize it!

Rick Lax has created a training system that all but guarantees success. Even if you’ve tried and failed before, this new approach will likely get you there.

If you want to enter a world of inexplicable, powerful card magic, you have to step through the door, and that means learning Mnemonica. While there are no tricks taught in this video, it unlocks the most intimidating part of the equation, the memory work, and gives you the power to learn any stack/memorized-deck related card tricks effortlessly for the rest of your life.
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Marc Lavelle – Skynet Project

Skynet Project - magic

In card magic, free choice is often an illusion, but for magicians and keen spectators, that illusion is easily broken.

Marc Lavelle’s Skynet Project is the magician’s ultimate tool for bringing in any freely chosen or thought-of card into play silently and secretly. It’s an easy-to-manage utility index system that gives the user 100% unrestricted access to every card in the deck whenever and wherever they want!

You simply ask the spectator to think of any playing card. And before you can complete the sentence, “was there a reason you chose this card?”, their thought-of card is quietly waiting on your palm, ready to be revealed using any method you have in your arsenal. No shuffling through a deck to find their card, no card sleights required – to them there isn’t even a deck in play!
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BankWave by John Carey

John Carey is known for his unique twists on classic card plots, so when he came to us with the promise of unique close up mentalism our ears pricked up in anticipation!

BankWave did not disappoint.

In the classic bank night effect, the magician is left with the one envelope out of four that the audience members did not choose. It contains a little folded up bill or a message proving that you knew which envelope they’d leave behind.

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Mini Cube to Chocolate by Henry Harrius

Mini Cube to Chocolate Project - magic

When you instantly change a mini-Rubik’s Cube into a bunch of M&Ms, your audience’s jaws will drop. This is literally eye-candy. Henry Harrius has redefined cube magic with his extraordinary gimmicks and new techniques. His Mini Cube to Chocolate Project adds another dimension to anyone who loves cube magic—and for anyone who wants a practical method to do a startling, up close transformation with a mini-cube.

Watch the video. At the 0:30 mark your won’t believe what your eyes will see!

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The Happy Lecture By David Stone

Enjoy David Stone’s new crazy and hilarious magic lecture from the front row ! Filmed in Paris and at the famous Magic Circle in London where David received in both places a standing ovation. Watch, learn and have fun !

French version is subtitled. English version filmed in London at the Magic Circle + 20 minutes David Stone Live in close-up at Le Double Fond, the French Magic Cabaret.

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Leo Smetsers Concierge Limited Edition

Leo Smetsers Concierge Limited Edition - magic

Looking for something unique and mesmerizing that will create lasting memories? The let the Concierge help you!

From Holland’s Leo Smetsers comes Concierge, Leo’s crazy Chop Cup Concierge Bell. This lovely bell has been designed from the ground up by Leo, even to the bell button (which will now hold a ball!), to appear to be a normal-looking counter bell, but the Chop Cup nature makes a number of incredible routines possible. You even get four of Leo’s incredible routines included!

So spice up your set with something they will remember and get yours today!

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