Michael Vincent Penguin LIVE

What willl he teach?

Features his Castle Opener– Classic Coin Magic inspired by Dr Saws, Slydini, Vernon, Roth, Gallo. This is a masterpiece of or Routining.

The Intuition Speller– Michael’s favourite Opener when presented with a borrowed Deck

Out of Sight, Out of Mind– Created by Vernon funded by Michael for maximum impact

Synergy Plus– Don’t miss this. This effect is Michael’s re-structured handling of his fabulous routine Synergy. This presentation is a recent addition which comes with a big pay off.

52 Factorial– Michael’s thoughts and ideas on The Any Card at Any Number plot. What makes this routine so impressive is the staging, frame work and psychological management.

Sure Fire Aces– This routine is common sense thinking as far as cutting the Aces is concerned. It looks great from a layman’s point of view. This is a study is remembering what it was like to see magic for the first time.

Aces for Connoisseurs– This is my tribute to my dear friend and first ever mentor in magic, Cy Endfield.

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  1. Hello,
    The file is not Michael Vincent LIVE Act (it’s Michael Vincent Penguin LIVE 1).
    Can you fix it, please?

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