B3 Envelopes by Radek Hoffman(VIP)

Be free with your mentalism and read minds
like never before, in the most elegant way.
This is more than just a clever gimmick.
This is a new concept in how to read minds.
It’s perfect for Zoom shows and excellent for live performances.
An easy to do multi-phase routine that has mind blowing impact!

Radek Hoffman has been perfecting this concept for a long time. He had one goal, to create the best three-phase routine ever made! B3 Envelopes is his answer!

This is an absolutely new concept in how to read minds in a very clever way. This gimmick solved all problems with the classic three-phase routine. The B3 Method is very flexible and you can use it for many different routines. The gimmick is very easy to make and operate. The reset takes less than 15 seconds and you are ready for the next performance. This is an amazing new tool to create a convincing, elegant, and deceptive demonstration of mind reading.

The download video is almost 1.5 hour long. Radek explains every single detail about the gimmick and how you can use it in different routines. He also shares his original ideas and concepts on how to push the process of mindreading to another level.

B3 Envelopes is:

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